Formerly known as Tank Pipe & Drain

Upgrade to the latest Wincan VX and Wincan Web

Tank Pipe and Drain recently upgraded CCTV survey software from Wincan V8 to Wincan VX. WinCan VX software for inspection and management of the waste water infrastructure is the core of the entire WinCan product family.

Wincan VX offers the core functionality we need to collect pipe inspection data, organize it into a database, and generate inspection reports that graphically display the pipe and its defects. WinCan VX also allows us to manage data in the office post-inspection, share it with clients using free viewer software, and export it in a variety of formats. Various report templates present a concise summary of asset condition, and can be fully customized to individual needs.

In addition to Wincan VX, we purchased WinCan Web which is the cloud solution for secure, browser-based access to WinCan VX inspections. We can now securely publish inspection data, images and video to the internet using our server or WinCan’s and deliver results anywhere immediately, all while maintain tight control of per-user access.

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