Formerly known as Tank Pipe & Drain

Civil Engineering & Groundworks

Nationwide Service

We provide a full range of civil engineering and groundwork services from locating and repairing broken or collapsed drains to the design and installation of a sewage treatment plant, septic tank or percolation areas.

Services We Offer Include:

• Sewage treatment plant and pump station (installation, repair and maintenance)

• Drainage installation and collapsed drain repairs

• Septic tanks, and percolation areas (installation, repair and maintenance)

• Mains sewer connections

• Installation of grease traps

• Oil interceptor and separators (installation, repair and maintenance)

• Manhole Cover Replacement and Manhole Cover Repairs

Once your civil engineering and groundworks are completed, we can put in place an ongoing maintenance schedule to ensure that your new installation and equipment will continue to run efficiently to minimise the risk of failure

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