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Manhole Surveying

Nationwide Service

Our experienced survey teams undertake detailed GIS location, structural and service condition surveying of manholes. 

They are typically required when drainage system records are poor or missing, or operational issues such as excess water infiltration or blockages containing manhole materials are discovered. 

The information collected is typically used to identify a specific problem within a sewer or drainage system, or to provide new records where information is out-of-date, of low quality or absent.

The survey information typically includes chamber and shaft sizes, construction materials, cover and invert levels, pipes entering and exiting the chambers and their invert levels and diameters. 

We are often asked to make an overall condition assessment and apply a structural and service grade or scoring objective measures. 

Coordinates and levels can be established using existing maps or via GPS equipment as defined by the client requirements.

The data is collected and either recorded in hard copy site survey card form or alternatively, input directly into rugged hand held data capture devices along with accurate positional data for the asset (both vertically and horizontally) using the latest GPS surveying equipment. 

All manhole information is collected is output into the client’s preferred format. Our recommended format for clients when building a GIS Sewer Network database is InfoNet.

InfoNet is a purpose-built Infrastructure Management System (IMS) for water distribution, wastewater collection and storm water networks. InfoNet allows us to gather, manage and present data in a cost effective manner for our customers. 

We have the capability to provide them with detailed information and layouts of their networks. Our GPS mapping and constructed drawings service is increasingly in demand for taking in charge applications.

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