Formerly known as Tank Pipe & Drain

Pump Station Cleaning

Nationwide Service

Pump stations, are the holding tank found at the end of a gravity-flow sewer system. As solid material, such as rags, fat and silt enter the pump station, a build up will occur on the bottom of the well and in other components within the station. 

Solid materials can often plug or damage pump impellers, so periodic cleaning is required to remove the solid material from the lift station. 

We have highly specialised teams on hand to carry out all aspects of pump station cleaning and maintenance. 

Our specialist teams trained in Confined Space Entry, Full BA Rescue, Gas Monitoring as a minimum and adhere fully to method statements and permit-to-work applications.

We can provide these services from large pumping stations, sumps, wet wells, septic tanks to forecourt interceptors, our specialist waste teams will manage your waste requirements efficiently and professionally. 

On each project, we provide a full Risk Assessment and Method Statement giving precise details of the plant and equipment to be utilised together with details of the qualifications of the personnel involved in the operation and the programme for carrying out the work.

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