Formerly known as Tank Pipe & Drain

Wash & CCTV Survey / Manhole Cards / Off-Road Jetting
June 2023
A project currently underway at a park entails a thorough washing and CCTV surveying of an 8-12 kilometer stretch of the existing 600mm diameter pipeline system. This inspection operation is imperative for the park’s infrastructure as it allows us to assess and evaluate the physical condition of the pipe network that lies beneath the park’s surface.

The process begins with a comprehensive washing of the pipeline. Our team uses high-pressure water jets to cleanse the interior of the pipes thoroughly. The washing is performed to ensure that no debris, build-up, or blockages might obscure the CCTV inspection. This method of pipe cleansing is exceptionally effective in reaching areas that may be otherwise inaccessible and provides a clean slate for the subsequent survey.

Following the washing phase, our team conducts the CCTV survey, an essential tool for non-destructive testing. The survey uses specialized CCTV cameras to examine the internal structure and condition of the pipes thoroughly. This technology lets us take a closer look at the state of the pipe network without the need for costly and time-consuming excavation. It helps to detect any structural issues, leaks, or signs of wear and tear in the pipeline system that may otherwise remain hidden. The video footage from the CCTV survey is recorded for further analysis and helps to create a robust maintenance and repair plan, if necessary.

The project also includes the completion of 100 manhole cards. These cards are comprehensive records of the attributes of each manhole in the network, including its location, dimensions, condition, and any other pertinent information. This work is essential for maintaining accurate, up-to-date data on our infrastructure, and it will guide future maintenance and management efforts.

Moreover, off-road jetting has been done as a part of the project. Off-road jetting is a powerful cleaning process designed for hard-to-reach locations and surfaces not typically accessible by regular road vehicles. This technique is particularly useful in environments like a park, where parts of the pipeline may be located off the beaten track, ensuring that every section of our network is thoroughly cleaned and ready for inspection.

In conclusion, this undertaking is crucial for ensuring the longevity and functionality of the existing pipe network. By combining extensive washing, CCTV surveying, meticulous record-keeping, and off-road jetting, we are doing everything in our power to maintain the integrity and reliability of this essential infrastructure.