Formerly known as Tank Pipe & Drain

Pump Station Cleaning & Grease Trap Maintenance
February 2024
Recently, our incredible team tackled a massive project for a renowned hotel chain, showcasing our dedication and hard work from sunrise to sunset.

Morning Mission: We kicked off the day with a deep clean of the pump station, ensuring everything runs smoothly and efficiently. A crucial task to support the hotel’s daily operations and guest satisfaction.

Evening Endeavor: As the sun set, we shifted gears to take on the grease trap – a challenge we met with expertise and determination. Cleaning out the grease trap is vital for the kitchen’s functionality and hygiene, and we nailed it!

Huge shoutout to our team for their hard work and to our clients for trusting us with their needs. Together, we’re keeping businesses running and environments clean.

#TeamWork #MaintenanceHeroes