Formerly known as Tank Pipe & Drain

3-Tonne Grease Trap Cleanout
July 2023
Glancy Enviro recently completed a substantial project at the renowned Clayton Hotel Cardiff Lane, demonstrating once again our commitment to professional, efficient and solution-oriented environmental services.

Faced with the challenge of a 3-tonne grease trap cleanout, our team, consisting of two diligent operatives, effectively executed the task, proving that teamwork underpins our success.

The unique positioning of the hotel required the use of our compact service truck due to the tight lane and weight limit restrictions. This exemplifies our adaptability in diverse situations and our readiness to overcome any obstacle.

We successfully utilized 40 meters of suction hose to reach the designated grease trap, demonstrating our capabilities to extend our reach, irrespective of the distance or complexity of the task.

At Glancy Enviro, we strive to provide exceptional service under any circumstances. Our ability to adapt and overcome in this challenging project underscores our dedication to environmental excellence.

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