Interceptor Emptying & Cleaning

Nationwide Service

Interceptors (also known as oil, grease and water traps or separators) are fitted to your drainage system to separate wastewater from oil, silt, dirt and any other harmful contaminants to prevent pollution to the local watercourse. 

The separated waste is then retained in a chamber of the interceptor tank for collection.

Interceptor tanks will usually be found at sites where vehicles may leak fuel and oil onto the ground including; fire stations, supermarkets, garage forecourts, car parks, car wash bays, bus depots and industrial yards where vehicle washing takes place. 

Unless you arrange for regular interceptor emptying, over-time the run-off from vehicle washing and cleaning activities will allow contaminants to build up.

How can We Help?

At Tank Pipe & Drain we can plan a bespoke and regular interceptor emptying and maintenance programme to work around you.

Our experienced and fully qualified operators will use powerful vacuum tankers to remove the oily water and clean your interceptors, we are also able to carry out servicing and replace any parts needed. All waste is disposed of to a licensed facility ensuring full accountability for your company.

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